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Health Care Products

RITE CHOICE is a one-stop shop for your health and wellness needs. With a variety of healthcare products to help serve your needs, our trained associates are able to assist you in selecting the right solution best suited for you. Our products range from mobility aid, skin health, incontinence supplies, orthopedics, foot care and much more.

We deliver to anywhere in the Edmonton region and are proud to offer delivery within 24 hours of order placement.

Lift Chairs

Our selection of Comfort and Powerchairs provide maximum comfort and support. Visit us in store to test our wide selection of Lift chairs.

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Bathroom & Shower Aids

Bath & Shower AID

Our instore associates work closely with you to find the right solution to Bathroom and Shower Aids. RITE CHOICE stocks high-grade products to improve safety and accessibility for clients with mobility issues. Please visit us to help you select the right product to prevent the risk of any strains or injury.

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Bed & Safety Products

Bed & Safety

Easy bedside mobility is essential to maintaining quality of life. We offer various products that fit directly against your bed/mattress to help you sit-up, balance, stand and reposition. Many of our products do not require the use of tools for installation, with ease of use in mind our safety associates will work to find the best solution for your home and travel needs.

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Ostomy Supplies


Abdominal Support and Ostomy supplies are important in maintaining a healthy body for those in need of support. We carry many different and products and sizes to fit your healthcare needs. Our healthcare associates are trained and informed to help you select the right product for use and ease of administration.

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For the body maintain its proper function, urine must be able to exit. RITE CHOICE can help you choose between the different types of urinary catheters and assist you in helping to prevent complications. Our health specialists help educate patients on the use and care of catheters to support patient health and satisfaction.

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Syringes From Rite Choice


You can find a variety of syringes and needles in our healthcare department. Needles are syringes are important single-use medical devices, it is vital that trained health-care professionals assist patients in understanding the proper use of these medical devices. RITE CHOICE supplies a wide range of tools to promote patient safety.

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Disposable Incontinence Products

Disposable Incontinence

There are countless disposable incontinence products, choosing between the number of options can be mind-boggling. We understand that choosing the right product tailored to your needs is important and we make that a priority in helping you find the right fit.

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Ankle Support Products

Ankle Support

To help you return to active movement after an injury or to help prevent a strain, RITE CHOICE provides products designed to meet the needs of various users that offer the maximum support.

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Compression Stockings For her

Compression Stocking For Her

Our selection of fashionable and intelligently designed stockings help to keep your legs from getting tired and achy. The pressure put on your legs helps your blood vessels work better and help prevent and treat spider and varicose veins.

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Compression Socks For Him

Compression Socks For Him

Compression stockings can help to improve performance during physical activity. We carry specialty products for men designed to support key muscle groups which help to increase blood and oxygen flow.

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Compression Socks For Sports

Compression Sports Socks

Compression socks can help to improve performance during physical activity. We carry specialty products for men designed to support key muscle groups which help to increase blood and oxygen flow.

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Hernia, Lumbar, Abdominal aids

Hernia, Lumbar, Abdominal

Our healthcare department carries many aids such as straps, belts and other supports to be used in conjunction to support recovery. Our aim is to help you feel better and recover from your injuries.

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Knee and Hand Support healthcare products

Knee and Hand Support

We carry products designed to help you recover from any knee and hand related injuries. Our healthcare associates carefully assess your needs to fit you with the right product.

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Safety Essential Products

Safety Products

You have heard it before, safety is key and at RITE CHOICE your wellbeing and safety is what motivates us. We work to help you select essential products for maintaining support and to counteract pain.

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Walker Healthcare Products


Our healthcare department stocks a wide variety and range of walkers built with secured frames and light materials. The quality of our walkers eliminates any wobble for users who need assistance with movement and balance.

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Wheelchairs and Mobility aids

Wheel Chair

Ease of use and comfort are the driving factors in us choosing to carry world-class wheelchairs and mobility aids. Our products exceed the demand and expectations of clients and offer enhanced mobility and comfort. We deliver to your doorstep ready to use products that allow you to navigate and move with support.

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