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Stroke is second only to heart disease in the leading causes of death worldwide. People with heart diseases, high blood pressure, and excessive cholesterol levels are most likely to die from a stroke—and that risk becomes seven times greater if they don’t take their medications as prescribed by their doctor!

There are several reasons why a patient tends to skip meds or not take them as prescribed, be it because they forgot, are unable to stick to a health regimen, or are unable to afford the rising cost of their medication. But aside from exercising and eating healthy, it is important to follow the doctor’s prescribed medication regimen to avoid an increase in stroke risk. 

If this sounds like a problem you have, then here are five tips to avoid skipping meds:

Understand Your Condition and Medication

Make sure you understand your condition and how your medication helps you. Have your doctor explain the role of each medicine and the risks of not sticking to your prescribed medication routine.

If there is something you still don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor. Keeping the connection between your condition and medication in mind helps you make the necessary steps to stick to your regimen.

Integrate Your Meds in Your Routine

Maybe it’s difficult for you to include your medication in your routine. Maybe it makes you feel like a patient and not yourself, or maybe the thought of having to do so many things just to maintain your health exhausts you. But understanding how your meds help you and prevent greater health problems can motivate you!

You can think of your medication as an ordinary vitamin or supplement that is just part of your daily routine to keep you healthy.

Use Apps to Remind You

You might be struggling to keep up with a schedule, especially if you have several different meds to take in a day. Fortunately, there are ways to remind you to take your meds.

You can have a friend or family member to text you every day. There are also new technologies available to help you stay on top of your medications, such as mobile apps that can notify you when it’s time to take your statins and blood pressure pills.

Consider Compounding

Researchers found that there is an increase in fatal stroke risk if a patient does not stick to all the needed medication. For example, a patient continues to take blood pressure medication but stops taking their statins, or the other way around.

Maybe you’re struggling to stay on top of all the different meds you have to take in a single day. Fortunately, modern technology now offers compounding—a process that entails creating a personalized medication that is tailored to your needs. Some pharmacists can combine different medications into a single “polypill,” which can cut down on the number of meds you have to remember.

Subscribe to a Prescription Delivery Service

Avoid running low on medical supplies and subscribe to a prescription delivery service. Some pharmacies offer delivery service subscriptions. They will deliver your meds right to your doorstep regularly.

It’s convenient because you don’t have to stand in queues at pharmacies, and you never have to remember when it’s time to restock on your medication.


It might be difficult and exhausting to stay on top of your blood pressure and cholesterol medication. But it’s important to stick to the doctor’s prescribed regimen to reduce fatal stroke risk. The right mindset can help you keep motivated, but it won’t hurt to take the extra steps we’ve shared to make sure you follow your medication routine.

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