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Were you aware that one in three Canadians lives with diabetes/ prediabetes? And that less than fifty percent of Canadians can identify early warning signs of diabetes? Even though diabetes impacts the lives of millions every year, awareness regarding the disease is not as prevalent. There are multiple reasons why people lack knowledge regarding diabetes. When thinking of medical practitioners who could help spread awareness, your local GP comes to mind. However, getting a swift appointment and making a trip can take its own sweet time. And that’s where a pharmacist can help you. And if your pharmacy is a compounding one, then all the better.

But before we proceed, it’s essential to understand this condition.

What is Diabetes? 

It’s a condition where your blood glucose level is too high. For people with this condition, their body doesn’t produce enough or any insulin or the insulin it produces isn’t adequate. There are two main types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. People living with Type 1 diabetes cannot make any insulin in their bodies. Whereas those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes find their bodies cannot produce enough insulin, or the produced insulin does not work effectively. Both types of diabetes require medical attention and must be taken seriously.

Here’s how your pharmacy can help you with diabetes management. Read along.

Pharmacists have long been serving the community and helping people tackle and manage seasonal flu and other chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. They play a crucial role in providing proper medical support as part of their services. So, if you are wondering whether they can help with your recent diagnosis of diabetes? Let us tell you in no uncertain terms, absolutely Yes! You can let your worries or inhibitions go because pharmacists are very capable of stepping in the position of your local physician when it comes to helping you get a better understanding of diabetes.

1)Pharmacists provide accessible healthcare – When it comes to managing diabetes, pharmacists can play a crucial role in helping you make sense of things. They can support you by giving you information on necessary treatment, for instance, screening, etc., and guide you regarding the lifelong management of diabetes. Additionally, they can be instrumental in providing you with the right counselling regarding monitoring glucose levels. It is a crucial aspect of diabetes management – glucose levels must be monitored to avoid drastic functionals that can be fatal. Hence, it’s essential to maintain glucose levels within a safe range. You can find the relevant guidance from your pharmacy. 

2) Pharmacists are an excellent point of contact for getting guidance on lifestyle changes – Diabetes management is almost impossible without the proper diet and exercise. So, if you are recently diagnosed and feel overwhelmed and confused, fret not. You can find the right support and guidance regarding meal plans, medication timings, and workout regimens, crucial for managing and treating this chronic disease.


Suppose you are living with diabetes or recently diagnosed and looking for support. If so, you can rest assured that approaching a compounding pharmacy is an excellent option. Not only will they be in a position to help you with guidance that is helpful for this chronic condition. But they will be able to dispense tailor-made medication to suit your needs. 

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