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Back pain is a serious and extremely common problem, affecting 8 out of 10 people worldwide. It can range from a constant dull ache in certain sections of the back or a sudden, sharp pain due to sudden movement or injury.

Muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, topical anesthetics, and some anti-anxiety medications help control the pain one might feel in such cases. However, in more extreme situations, your physician may prescribe one or more types of oral medication to bring you more relief.

While oral painkillers are capable of giving some measure of relief, other people opt to go with topical pain relievers to really target the affected pain points. Such medications are used to treat specific areas on your neck and back, with the general promise to deliver instant relief.

How Do Topical Pain Relievers Work?

Topical pain relievers soothe nerve pain and reduce inflammation beneath the surface of the skin.

The first transdermal product was introduced in 1980, and since then, scientists around the world have developed safer methods to deliver medication, supplements, and hormones into the human body. Techniques and formulations that assist in administering medication through the skin are constantly developing, improving this method in dealing with bodily pains.

What Are the Advantages of Using Compounded Creams for Back Pain?

Compounded creams are another term for topical medications that are used to soothe pain, inflammation, swelling, and other skin problems. Some anesthetics, antibiotics, and corticosteroids can be applied through the skin as well.

Cream and ointment-based medications are easy to apply; you can easily control how much you put on your skin, and, more often than not, only a thin layer is needed to soothe an area. Pain relief in such applications is usually faster than when painkillers are taken orally. You experience relief at a steady rate, and it may actually last longer!

What’s amazing about this is that topical medications enter the bloodstream through the skin. The digestive system is bypassed entirely and to great advantage, as the side effects of most oral medication—like irritation or inflammation of the stomach lining—can be avoided.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

As with any type of medication, there are concerns about allergies to particular types of medication—even when it comes to topical applications. As such, compounded creams should always be tested on a small area of skin to check for allergic reaction or ingredient sensitivity.

Take note, however, that back and neck pain that originates in the spinal nerves will not be relieved by topical medication.

What Are the Common Compound Creams for Back Pain?

Capsaicin cream – The main ingredient in capsaicin cream is chilli peppers, and it delivers a hot sensation to the area. It helps with relieving pain from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. It can also be made at home using cayenne powder and coconut oil.

Lidocaine cream – A local anesthetic that causes temporary numbness on the surface of the skin. It’s best to apply it on clean and dry skin, and you only need to apply a thin layer. Temporary redness and a little bit of swelling may occur at the application site. If these effects persist, see your doctor immediately.

Counterirritants – Icy Hot and Gold Bonds are counterirritants that cause a hot or cold feeling in the area. Ingredients used in such applications are menthol and eucalyptus. These are often used for pain relief in sore muscles and can also be available as skin patches.


Topical medication can be used to deliver a wide variety of solutions for pain relief, hormone therapy, and other conditions. They’re a popular choice for doctors and patients because of the convenience, easy application, and the reduced possibility for side effects.

If you are experiencing acute or chronic back pain, then compound creams may be the right choice for you. Remember to discuss transdermal medication with your primary care physician before purchasing any product to ensure that you’re getting one that’s fit for your needs!

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