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The world of compounded medications is convenient and practical, yet many people do not know much about it. As a compounding pharmacy specializing in pain management, we receive many questions from our customers about these unique products, which have helped thousands of people find relief from their pain. Although pharmaceuticals are more popular because they are mass-produced, medicinal compounding has proved its usefulness in numerous situations.

Whether you’re curious about medicinal compounding or have a loved one who would benefit from the treatment, you probably have many questions about it. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about medicinal compounding:

What Exactly is Medicinal Compounding?

Medicinal compounding is the process of creating medications that are tailored to the specific needs of a patient. The compounding pharmacy uses the doctor’s personalized prescription to mix the necessary ingredients to make the medication.

What Are The Medications Used in Compounding?

Compounding medications are found in various forms, as they are created to meet patients’ individual needs. They can range from creams, ointments, and gels to lozenges, capsules, tablets, and more.

Why is Compounding Necessary?

Many patients find themselves allergic or sensitive to pharmaceuticals designed to treat their ailment, as some commercialized products use lactose, gelatin, aspartame, dyes, and many more that trigger allergic reactions. Others need customized dosage or strength of a medication that isn’t commercially available or requires tedious cutting and measuring. Some patients experience severe side effects from commercialized medications, like nausea or stomach issues.

However, all these patients still require medication, which is where medicinal compounding works best. Pharmacists customize the drug to each patient, removing all the ingredients that trigger unwanted side effects or allergic reactions while providing the ideal medication. It’s also another form of medicine if a mass-produced treatment is no longer available.

Do All Pharmacies Offer Compounding Creams and Ointments?

Many pharmacies are tightly regulated, which means that some do not have the required equipment to create more advanced medicinal compounding. All Edmonton pharmacists go through compounding training, but others pursue further experience and education in the field, allowing them to provide more comprehensive compounding services than others. Rite Choice Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy, which means you can get your customized medication from us without a worry.

How are Compounded Prescriptions Regulated?

The National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities or NAPRA implemented guidelines for Canadian pharmacies that offer medicinal compounding. These guidelines guarantee the safety of both pharmacists and patients in the process. All individual ingredients used in compounded medications have been approved, so it’s best to work with a pharmacy specializing in compounding.

What are the Types of Compounding?

There are two types of compounding to keep in mind, and they are sterile and non-sterile.

As implied in the name, sterile compounding is done in a spotless and germ-free environment that is entirely free of harmful microorganisms. Such medications are often administered right into the eyes or through an IV, so pharmacies exercise more safety precautions and adhere to stringent facility and equipment standards to offer the safest medication possible.

Meanwhile, non-sterile compounding is done in a neat and organized environment; however, it is not necessarily free from potentially harmful microorganisms. This type of compounding is often used to create more common medications, like topical or oral ones.


Compounded medications are a useful way to provide medicines to patients with high sensitivities to commercialized drugs. As the pharmacists formulate them to suit the patients’ needs, they are free from potential allergens while bearing the needed dosage. With compounded medications, all types of patients can get the medicine they need while administering it in the most comfortable way possible.

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