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When it comes to pharmacies, it’s easy to get slightly confused with the differing nomenclature. Notably, the pharmacies have departed from their traditional roles and now serve their customers in varying fashions. It’s therefore essential to understand the variety and differences when it comes to your pharmacy. Today we bring you all information on compounding pharmacies to help you rid yourself of any confusion or questions regarding it.

So, let’s get to it.

What is Compounding?

A compounding pharmacy traditionally caters to creating medication by customizing it through mixing, combining and altering ingredients for patients who require tailored medicines. It’s true that traditional pharmacies deal in mass-produced commercial drugs. However, some patients require custom-made medications that are different from the commercial medication available in the market.

The compounding process is complex and requires specialized equipment and training that regular pharmacies might lack. While a basic level of compounding can still occur in general pharmacy, only those who have invested in the infrastructure and know-how can offer specialized compounding services. Because it’s critical to pay attention to the possible health hazards if the medication is prepared in a non-sterile environment. For instance, eye-creams or ointments for internal use must follow all safety precautions while being prepped or can harm the patient. Similarly, while mixing ingredients or liquids for injecting into the blood or the body, tissues must be completely sterile as there can be severe ramifications in case of failure to follow the correct protocol.

A compounding pharmacy will ideally let you choose the form you prefer to take your medication. The same medication is available in ointment, capsules, powder, liquid and cream. Hence, you should be able to pick the one that suits you the best, keeping your intolerances or allergies in mind. Additionally, experienced compounding pharmacies can help you create medicines for your fussy kids or pets. Commercialized mass-produced drugs can get challenging especially, with older adults, children or furry companions. A compounding pharmacy can come to your rescue with customized forms of medicines that are easy to administer to all of the above.

Furthermore, a compounding pharmacy can fulfil your requirements of dozes that are not standard. Suppose you require customized dozes that keep your age, weight, height, allergies and medical history in mind. Then the remedy lies with a compounding pharmacy.

It’s not uncommon for some hospitals to compound certain drugs to patients when they are not available on the FDA-approved medication list. Therefore, compounding pharmacies have a crucial role in servicing patients with customized medicines that are not commercially available. Equally important is that you use a licensed compounding pharmacy that follows procedures that prioritize the health and safety of its patients and prescribers.

Pharmacies that offer compounding services to their customers are expected to function in accordance with the rules set by the state boards of pharmacy and follow regulations and protocol fit for the kind of compounding being undertaken at their premises, hence, aiming to eliminate probable risks to the health of patients.


The benefits of having a good compounding pharmacy around you are more than just one. Customization of drugs for different age groups, including pets, is a big winner amongst all reasons. But not to forget, it also helps keep those sinister ingredients out of your medications that can cause an allergic flare-up, such as gluten or lactose intolerance. What’s not to like?

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