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Just as we have different tastes, likes, and dislikes regarding our favourite food or choice of entertainment. Similarly, our bodies too can have different requirements when it comes to medication. Many people need custom medication and dosage methods for a variety of reasons. It is because the commercially available medication does not suit your needs. And that’s where a compounding pharmacy will be able to help you customize precisely what you need and how you need it. Therefore, a compounding pharmacist is not your regular pharmacist. Here’s a guide to what they do and how they can help you.

But first, let’s quickly tell you what we mean by compounding medicine.

What Is Compounding Medicine?

Traditionally speaking, compounding is the process of customizing medicines through a complex procedure that entails mixing, combining, and altering ingredients to be tailor-made for the person ordering them. The need for custom-made medication can arise for several reasons. It could be that the dosage keeping your weight, height, and other medical history is not available. Or your brand of medicine has stopped manufacturing. Additionally, you are allergic to a specific ingredient in the medicine that is commercially available. Therefore you need it to be altered and made glute, soy, or dairy-free. So, there could be many reasons for you to need tailor-made medicines. And that’s where compounding medication comes to your rescue.

Here’s What You Should Know About Compounding Pharmacists, Their Training, What They Do, and Exactly How They Can Be Your Knight in Shining Armour!

As we mentioned before, compounding pharmacists are not your typical pharmacists. They require specific training to compound medicine and must complete a strict educational and training curriculum consisting of a series of exams before they can attain their licenses. Only after completing these can they begin practicing compounding medicine in a pharmacy. What’s more, they are constantly required to keep their knowledge up to date through higher education to be familiar with the fast-shifting landscape of modern medicine and innovations.

What Do Compounding Pharmacists Do?

They are responsible for creating solutions that medically fulfill requirements for individuals of all ages. Compounding pharmacists cater to people who require customized medication for chronic conditions and cosmetic issues. These highly skilled pharmacists can offer medical solutions for a variety of purposes.

Some of the Things Compounding Pharmacists Are Trained in Are as Follows.

They Can Adjust the Strength of Medicines:

The fact that mass-produced medication that is available commercially can not cater to specific medical needs is one of the main reasons why compounding pharmacies are in demand by patients. Moreover, compounding medicines also help reduce the possible risks and side effects when a larger dose is administered to patients.

Compounding Pharmacists Know How to Change the Flavour of the Medicine to Suit Your Taste:

How many times have we seen kids giving parents a run around to gulp in a terrible tasting syrup? Or spit out an obnoxious-sized pill that’s essentially meant for children but is not practical enough for them to swallow without choking them. Well! As parents, we are scared but equally worried if our child misses a dose. Not any more! These superheroes in white lab coats can also create medication customized to the flavour your child loves. So, you can say goodbye to fussing and running.

They Let You Choose the Form of the Medicine to the One You Prefer:

You prefer pills, ointments, powder, liquid or a cream. Well! You decide. Compounding pharmacists help you to have control over how you like your medication. By creating not limited options, unlike commercially produced medicine, compounding medicine works around your needs.

They Make Medication Keeping Your Allergies in Mind:

Again, mass-produced medicine lacks the ability to let patients choose specific ingredients for their medication. Commercially available medicine comes with filler ingredients that can disagree with allergic or sensitive patients. With a compounding pharmacist, you can ensure no such harmful components in your medication, making it safe for consumption.


Compounding medication comes as a boon for patients with specific needs as mass-produced drugs do not cater to their medical needs. With a compounding pharmacy, you can rest assured that your medical requirements will be met efficiently and adequately.

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