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You’ll first start noticing ageing on your skin. You might’ve seen a few wrinkles in the corners of your eyes, a few fine lines in between your brows, and maybe some lines around your mouth. What do you do? You start mending those lines and slowing down the process.

And if you haven’t seen any lines yet, that doesn’t mean you could sit back and enjoy; it’s best to start preventing skin ageing and slowing down the process while you can.

There are many anti-ageing compounding creams and ointments on the market today. This is because compounding pharmacies customize medications in different formats that will suit various skin types and conditions, helping improve and restore your skin’s health and boost crucial hormone levels.

But what are these anti-ageing compounds? What benefits do you get from using these creams? What skin conditions can they treat? Who can use them? If you’re curious, keep reading. Here’s what you need to know about anti-ageing compounds. Let’s begin!

What Benefits Do I Get from Using Anti-Ageing Compounds?

One of the best things you gain from using customized anti-ageing creams and ointments is that they are designed specifically for you. Besides that, the delivery method of your ointments is also customizable, depending on your preference. 

A medical practitioner will take the necessary steps to create your creams and ointments, run various diagnostic tests, and mix the right ingredients and dosage in a compounding pharmacy. 

Because the ointments are made specifically for your skin type and conditions, in many cases, compounded anti-ageing treatments work much better than commercial products. Another great thing about this is because it’s customized for every individual, you can even make adjustments over time to help improve your skin’s condition effectively. 

What Can Compound Medications Treat?

Many factors cause skin ageing, including pollution, sun exposure, other chemicals, and even stress. Some of these factors cannot be controlled; however, you can reverse the damage by using compounded anti-ageing treatments. 

Aside from the obvious signs of skin ageing, compounded anti-ageing medications can also treat ageing effects, such as age spots, inflammation, irritations, rashes, dry skin, and more. This is because your creams will include the right dosages of all the vitamins and minerals your skin needs, such as vitamin E, B vitamins, and some active ingredients, like retinoic acid. 

A well-prepared compounded anti-ageing cream can perform much better than commercial products and will have more significant results for your skin because of its customized design. Additionally, because it’s made just for your skin, there could be a decrease in side effects and irritations you may usually get from commercial ointments. 

Who Can Use These Anti-Ageing Compounds?

Men and women who’ve reached their late 30s and 40s usually experience more visible effects of ageing and opt to get treatment during this age. For men, this is due to the decline in their testosterone levels and for women, due to the lessening of progesterone production. 


You can’t really stop skin ageing because it’s an entirely natural process. However, you can still somehow slow down its process and decrease its visibility by using anti-ageing compounding creams and ointments specifically designed for your skin. Thankfully, there are compounding pharmacies, like Rite Choice Pharmacy. We offer compounding services as well as deliver your medications straight to your doorstep. Start taking care of your skin better and get creams made just for you!

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