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Accessing medication for various chronic conditions has always been a linear narrative for patients across the world. It all starts with a prescription, and the pharmacy typically acts as the middleman between you and your doctor’s orders. This leaves little-to-no room for options or customization, making it a straightforward process that can often be a hit or miss.

Now that there is a growing demand for personalized medication to fill the gaps in quality healthcare, it paved the way for the rise of compounding pharmacies that offer an extensive selection of compounded medications. Seeing as it’s new to the industry, it helps to do your homework on what to expect before you go to the nearest compounding pharmacy in your town.

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

As mentioned above, traditional pharmacies follow the same formula worldwide. A capsule is a capsule no matter where you go, but in a compounding pharmacy, the definition is more complex than that. It takes on a client-centric approach that tailors medications according to the patient’s unique needs, which means no pill, cream, gel, or other prescription are the same.

What is Compounded Medicine?

Licensed pharmacists or physicians often create a specialized blend of medications to create the ultimate result for every patient, one that considers the person’s medical history, allergies, previous treatments, and more.

This means that the medication can undergo a change in its formula – be it removing specific ingredients that cause allergic reactions to certain patients, adding flavor-enhances, or even changing the dosage.

For example, some of the ingredients removed in the medication include gluten, lactose, or dyes.

Is the Compounded Pharmacy Accredited?

Seeing as compounded pharmaceuticals are in its early stages, it’s best to choose pharmacies that can guarantee safe and trusted services. With that in mind, pharmacies that are recognized by a reliable certification such as the International Society of Travel Medicine is the best choice since it’s a seal of approval that can give you peace of mind when choosing your compounded medicine.

The Bottom Line: Exploring Different Qualities to Look For in the Ideal Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding pharmacy is new to the scene, but it holds plenty of promise in the world of healthcare. It puts the patient’s needs at the forefront, but choosing the right pharmacy is crucial since it involves a more hands-on approach when delivering your prescription medications.

Licensed physicians must supervise the compounding process and practice, primarily since it involves combining ingredients specific to each patient. There’s no room for mistake, which means you need to do your part by considering some factors before going to a compounded pharmacy.

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