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When it comes to the world of medical pharmaceuticals, compounding is the method of crafting medication using essential ingredients based on a patient’s specific needs. Whereas most medicines are created to work for the majority, a compounding pharmacy strives to create a bespoke solution for each patient. This results in an enhanced patient care experience that is geared towards a more personalized way of saving lives.

The medicines produced by compounding pharmacists are guaranteed to be as, if not more, effective than their mass-produced counterparts. To emphasize its importance, here are four ways that compounding pharmacies help patients:

1) Provides Access to Medicines That Are Discontinued or in Short Supply

Many factors can influence why a particular prescription medicine may run out or suddenly get discontinued. Sometimes, a manufacturer may decide to discontinue a drug as it works to develop an improved version. However, the more likely case is that there was simply not enough demand to incentivize continued manufacturing.

When this happens, patients may find their health compromised. This is especially true if they were using the discontinued medication to treat a chronic condition. Compounding pharmacies can help in this situation by recreating the drug from scratch—and probably an even better one catered specifically towards the patient’s needs.

2) Helps Avoid the Risks of Medication Allergies

Medication allergies range from a simple inconvenience to life-threatening reactions. One allergic reaction may just be itchy eyes, whereas others could lead to a full-blown anaphylactic shock. While these cases are rare, nothing must be left to chance when it comes to administering medication.

If a patient is allergic to a much-needed medication, the easiest route is to look for alternative medicine. However, compounding pharmacists can help create a version of the drug without the known allergens when there’s no alternative available on the market.

An excellent example of this is people living with lactose intolerance. With lactose commonly used as a binder in pills, a compounding pharmacist may replace the lactose filler with calcium carbonate instead.

3) Adds Flavour Options for Patients

Flavoured medicine isn’t only for children. Adults who have particularly strong gag reflexes may react strongly to bitter medicine. Vomiting medication is a serious issue that needs to be addressed since most tablets take as much as 30 minutes to be fully absorbed by your body.

These situations are more common than you might think, and are actually very easy to fix. Compounding pharmacists can mask the bitter taste of some medications with special flavourings. This makes taking medication easier without jeopardizing the effectiveness of the drug.

4) Changes the Method of Administration for Ease of Use

The most common method of administering drugs is oral—through tablets or syrups—and via injection. However, other forms of taking medicine also exist, which is beneficial for people who have trouble swallowing and have a fear of needles.

A compounding pharmacist can take your tablet prescription and turn it into a chewable lozenge or a dissolving strip. Other common methods of taking medication are nasal sprays, sublingual wafers, suppositories, and emulsions.

There are limitations to how each specific medication can be reformulated to a new format. Some medicines are less effective as liquids instead of pills, and vice versa. However, these limitations are for a compounding pharmacist to decide and weigh in on—all for the patient’s benefit!


As you can see, compounding pharmacists help patients in more ways than one. The point is that you shouldn’t suffer in silence if your condition requires specific modifications to your prescription drugs. Compounding pharmacists are there to ensure that your medication serves your needs, and not the other way around.

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