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At first look, same-day pharmacy delivery may not appear to make much of a difference. After all, your doctor will not adjust your prescriptions based on whether they’re delivered to your house or picked up at the local pharmacy. Isn’t everything the same?

You might be shocked to hear that a growing body of data shows that pharmacy delivery services assist patients in various ways, especially when they’re part of a comprehensive medication management program.

Let’s look at five key benefits that are especially beneficial for those taking numerous drugs for one or more chronic diseases.

It’s Easier for Medication Adherence

When you have many prescriptions, each with its own set of instructions, taking all of your medications correctly might be more difficult. Buying all of your meds separately at a local pharmacy only adds to the confusion.

But imagine getting your meds delivered straight to your door, pre-sorted into a single package, arranged by day and time, and with clear instructions on how to take them correctly. Then, all of a sudden, adherence becomes much more straightforward.

Between 2006 and 2015, over 100,000 patients after hospital discharge were studied in a study presented at the 2016 International Stroke Conference. Overall, patients who received their drugs via mail adhered 74 percent of the time, compared to 47 percent of those who utilized a regular pharmacy.

A related study from 2010, highlighted in an earlier blog post by Integrity Pharmacy, found similar results for diabetic patients: those who received prescriptions via home delivery were more likely to adhere to their medication regimen than those who purchased traditional pharmacy medication.

It Promotes Greater Medication Accuracy

Advanced computer technology is routinely used by pharmacy delivery services to verify that your medications are filled appropriately.

You can trust that you’ll get the appropriate meds, dosages, and dosage forms if you choose a medication management service that includes same-day delivery. With that, you may lower your chances of having an allergic response or having to go to the hospital.

It Improves Efficiency

Greater efficiencies throughout the drug management process are another advantage of adopting advanced computer technology and robotic dispensing instruments.

Patients benefit from delivery pharmacies in many ways compared to regular pharmacies, including accommodation to larger prescription quantities, improved quality, lowered costs involved with filling prescriptions, and assistance.

It Helps Reduce Medical Waste

Unused prescription medications become medical waste. They pose significant financial, health, and environmental risks. Pharmaceutical pollution, for example, has been discovered in drinking water in several areas around the country. However, timely medication delivery to the home decreases the chance of unneeded pills ending up in landfills or the water supply.

It Saves Diabetics Money

Noncompliance can be costly in and of itself (in avoidable medical expenses). You only pay for the meds you use with a tailored medication management program that includes monthly home delivery of your medications. You may also be less prone to incur the costs associated with pharmaceutical errors.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Same-Day Delivery for Pharmacies!

When you consider the advantage of easy adherence, improved accuracy and efficiency, and reduced pharmaceutical waste, same-day home delivery of medications is a terrific method to lower your long-term healthcare costs.

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