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It’s essential to monitor your blood pressure as the years go by, and you become more susceptible to heart attacks or heart failure. Medication is often used to treat and regulate your blood pressure, but it can sometimes be concerning when the prescription is no longer having any effects. 

Hypertension medication enables people to continue living their life with minimal worry about their blood pressure, but what will you do if it doesn’t work as well anymore? Here’s a short guide on how you can deal with high blood pressure.

Identifying Resistant Hypertension

You may be taking a record of your blood pressure readings and noticing a gradual increase every time you test yourself. Sometimes, you could be taking three or more diuretics, but you’re still not seeing a decline in your blood pressure. Resistant hypertension makes it hard to control and regulate your blood pressure. 

Different factors may have brought this up. Your high blood pressure could be credited to old age or hormones. It may also be because of some habits that are hindering your pills from working. A few examples of these are smoking or drinking too much coffee.

Meet With Your Doctor

If you feel like you may be experiencing resistant hypertension, meet with your doctor to get a formal diagnosis and accurate reading of your blood pressure. There is a possibility that your readings are a little off due to the timing and the cuffing of your blood pressure gauge.

Your doctor can best tell you how to approach your resistant hypertension with a potentially new prescription and advice. Also, inquire about what tests you can take to understand what exactly is affecting your medication intake if you can’t pinpoint it.

Discuss Alternatives 

To manage resistant hypertension, you may have to adjust what diuretics you will need to take. You also need to take into account your other medication should you have other pre-existing illnesses. A new schedule of taking pills might be suggested as well.  

Honestly, there isn’t a single solution that fits everyone. Just be open about any possible side effects and your whole experience with your doctor to find what best fits for you. Take it slow and steady.

Diet and Exercise

While trying to fix up your medication, another thing that can help manage hypertension is proper diet and exercise. Try to avoid any processed and canned goods and switch to organic fruits and veggies instead. Drinking water is probably the best instead of coffee or juices.

As for exercise, try to create a plan with your doctor. Your heart rate can speed up when you’re working out, putting your blood pressure at risk. It’s better to arrange a more manageable program and ease into a few reps initially. Go and observe where it goes from there. 


It isn’t easy to deal with hypertension, and resistant hypertension is much more difficult by a notch. Try to sort it out and learn what you can do as early as you can. Seek the help and assistance of your loved ones as you try to navigate and manage this cardiovascular disease.

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