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We know how stressful things can get when your furry companions are not feeling their usual selves. Pet owners, especially those with cats at home, can find things a bit challenging as cats are not known to comply or cooperate with medication. Delivering medicines to your feline mates can seem like an uphill task with not many hopes of a rescue. But wait, it’s not doom and gloom for your and your cats. Thanks to compounding pharmacies, you can now find solutions regarding medicating your pets without any unnecessary drama. Read on to know how you can medicate your cats in a hassle-free way by getting some help from a compounding pharmacy.

Traditionally when you bring your cats back from the vet with prescription medicines in your hands, you know it’s going to be a messy affair. The whole saga of hiding the pill in treats or some other food your cats love. Then it’s hoping that they actually ingest the meds without figuring out the real deal behind those sudden treats. The chances are that it might work initially but not long enough. Most cat owners know that their feline companion is too intelligent to get fooled twice by the same trick. Hence, the medication is either being thrown out or left behind altogether.

A much hands-on approach has also proved unpleasant and messy for both the cat and its owner. Wrapping the cat in a blanket or a towel and gently squeezing the jaws of the cat from both sides to force open its mouth. Following this, the pill is tossed into the back of the tongue, or the center of the mouth, then poured water into it, hoping that the medication will be swallowed. The cat’s mouth following the water has to help shut for some time to achieve the desired result. The very sound of this entire exercise is both tedious and with drawbacks. Most cats will tend to recognize the blanket or the towel the next time around and run as fast as possible, making it impossible to administer any medication. What’s more, there’s a high possibility that you will be at the receiving end of a cat bite. And unpleasant business for both, indeed!

So, how can compounding pharmacies help you save the day and a few cat bites? Compounding pharmacies excel at the art of transforming medication into forms that are far more appealing to your feline companions. You can seek help from a trained pharmacist working in a compounding pharmacy to discuss the options. They can help you with what’s best suited for your pets. Compounding pharmacies are well known for creating specialty drugs for pets. For instance, the medication you need to administer to your cat can be transformed into a flavour your cat enjoys. For example, tuna or chicken can also change form and be delivered in liquid or any other kind of choice. What’s more, to make things easier, the compounding pharmacy can also provide the same medication in powder or ointment form so that administering it becomes a hassle-free experience.


There was a time when pet owners had no choice but to deal with the guilt of force-feeding the vital medication messily. With the advent of compounding pharmacy, you can get all the help you need. Ensuring that your furry companions are in the pink of their health. And that too without the drama and despair for both you and your cats.

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