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Many people living with Type 2 diabetes know insulin injections to be a normal part of their day. The insulin—normally produced in the pancreas—helps to regulate blood sugar levels and ensure that these people are able to go on to live healthy, happy lives.

Insulin shots are an effective way to manage diabetes, but they must be taken on schedule for best results. If your daily schedule differs from day to day, however, you might forget to take your dose on time. There are times you may even forget to restock insulin pen cartridges. In fact, it is estimated that one in three diabetes patients skip at least a dose of insulin monthly. Some of them deliberately miss the dose while others forget it. No matter the reason, however, failing to take the insulin can be dangerous.

I Missed My Dose!

If you’ve missed your insulin dose for whatever reason, it’s important for you to act quickly. First off, make sure you know your insulin type. Remember that you may experience consequences when you skip a dose of your insulin. A common prescription is mixed insulin that should be taken once a day. But, you might also be taking one of these:

– Pre-mixed insulin

– A short, rapid-acting medicine similar to insulin (ex, aspart, lispro, etc.)

– Long-acting insulin such as insulin degludec

What Are the Consequences of Missing an Insulin Dose?

Missing an insulin dose can result in a rise in a patient’s ketone and blood sugar levels. The condition is known as ketoacidosis and hyperglycemia. Other effects that you may experience when skipping an insulin dose are the following:

– Frequent urination

– Fruity smell in the breath

– Increased thirst

– Drowsiness and confusion

– Lethargy and brain fog

– Vomiting and nausea

– Loss of appetite

– Flushed or dry skin

– Increased heart rate.

Do the following when you skip an insulin dose:

1) Be Sure That You Really Missed a Dose

Confusion over this matter can lead you to take an extra dose that lowers your sugar levels too much.

Short-acting insulins are taken 30 to 60 minutes before or after eating. If you forgot to take it a little later, you could still take a dose. However, if it’s more than an hour that you’ve missed it, you need to have your glucose level checked. Your doctor will then give you instructions on what to do to safely regulate your blood sugar levels.

For mixed or intermediate-acting insulin, make sure to consult your doctor first when you missed a dose. Usually, if you missed the dose less than 2 hours after your usual time, the window is still open to taking it immediately.

When you miss long-acting insulin in the morning, keep in mind that you can still take it during the day. Just make sure that the next dose is spaced 8 to 10 hours away from the one after.

2) Avoid Skipping Your Insulin Doses

Missing a dose of your insulin can give you stress, and you may even suffer from conditions like diabetes and other complications. This is why it is imperative not to forget or miss your prescribed medicines. You may need to set the alarm or have a written reminder on your working station.


Your health is considered your best investment in life. However, we acquire different health conditions that may require us to have long-term medications due to some factors. For instance, if you have diabetes, your doctor may prescribe you to take a dose or doses of insulin daily. It is also essential to have a healthcare partner who can provide you with top-notch healthcare services.

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