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Blister Packs


  • One half of all patients do not take their medications properly.
  • If you do not use your medication properly, it may not work for you. You could also experience adverse consequences, including hospitalization.
  • It has been estimated that 25% of people stop using a long-term medication within one month, 50% within 3 months, 60% within one year, and 85% within two years.
  • Data suggest that approximately 25% of hospitalized patients were admitted for drug-related causes, and over 70% of those cases were deemed preventable.

We Can Make It Easier To Take The Right Medication At The Right Time.

With Customized Blister Packs, We Can Help You Stay Healthy. Blister Packs Make It:

  • Easier to remember to take your medications
  • Easier to organize and take complex medication regimes and instructions
  • More likely that the medication will be effective because it is taken when and as it should be
  • Safer – there is less chance of taking too much or too little of the medication
  • Easier to open than a childproof bottle