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Statistics show that occasional snoring impact roughly 45 percent of adults. You might be one of them, or you might know those who belong to this category. People with loud snoring issues are known to be at the receiving end of jokes and jest. It isn’t something that can be or should be taken lightly. Did you know that 75 percent of people who have a snoring problem suffer from sleep apnea? It is a condition where breathing is disrupted during sleep for short periods. This is also known as obstructive sleep apnea and can be dangerous if untreated, mainly because it increases the risk of heart disease. But that’s not all. Most people suffering from sleep apnea are indeed prone to choking in their sleep due to disrupted breathing.

It’s when the air flows through the throat as you breathe during sleep. As a result, it makes the relaxed tissues present in the throat undergo vibrations, leading to harsh and loud noises referred to as snoring.

Most of us can safely assume that snoring is not a pleasant activity, primarily due to the disruption it causes to the other person. As a partner who shares a room with a fellow snorer, you can confirm that it can alone be responsible for ruining a good night’s sleep and rest.

While it is true that snoring might cause irritation to your partner or may not be bothering anyone too much, it still is a condition that needs attention and must not be ignored. It has been found that snoring is an indicative symptom of another underlying problem for many people. For instance, apart from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), there are other health conditions that one must look out for: sleep deprivation, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption closer to bedtime, or lousy sleep posture.

A few lifestyle changes and natural solutions you could look into and adapt before getting it looked at with your GP. Here are a few things that might just help.

1. Maintaining good sleep hygiene – Lately, a lot has been said about sleep hygiene. It has gained much attention from medical professionals, nutritionists, health coaches and even gym instructors. It’s not merely enough to get your 6-8 hours a day. The time when you retire for the day is equally essential to the benefits you reap in your sleep. Additionally, lack of sleep is another factor that causes tiredness and can lead to snoring issues. What’s more, consuming alcohol closer to the time of sleep can also impact the quality of your sleep, leading to snoring. These are referred to as bad sleeping habits and must be avoided for general well-being and if you want a sound sleep, you get up feeling rejuvenated and well-rested.

2. Pay close attention to your sleep position – Most of us do not realize the consequences of bad sleep postures. Instead of waking up with a feeling of freshness, the usual aches and pain that we may experience first thing in the morning can be due to a wrong sleeping position. However, that’s not all. Incorrect sleep position can also compromise your throat and tongue, resulting in vibrations and the sound we know as snoring. For instance, lying on your back can result in the above and make you a serial snorer! To avoid this, you can try changing your sleeping position. Perhaps you could try sleeping on your sides, and for support, use a large body pillow that can help you keep on your sides all night long. Changing your sleep position can have a massive difference in snoring problems.


We know how embarrassing or problematic this condition can be, especially if you cannot get to the bottom of what causes snoring in your case. If you find that you are not getting the relief you are after despite changing your lifestyle and sleeping habits. Our advice will be to get medical help. You do not have to see your general practitioner for it and wait for when an appointment is made available to you. Compounding pharmacies are capable of advising and helping you at this preliminary stage.

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