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Prescription medications that need to be customized due to a host of reasons for geriatric patients, children, pets or just about anyone make it essential to look for a compounding pharmacy. And we understand that confusion regarding different kinds of pharmacies can get overwhelming. So, before you go hunting for a compounding pharmacy for your or your family’s prescription medication, here’s what you need to know.

It’s crucial to ask yourself these questions before deciding on a compounding pharmacy to check if it suits your specific needs. Read on to know more.

1) What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

The short and straight answer to that is – A compounding pharmacy is a pharmacy that specializes in tailor-made medication to suit the needs of individual patients. They provide services to a wide variety of patients, people and pets by customizing it through mixing, combining and altering specific ingredients for patients who require tailor-made medication. They are different from traditional pharmacies that deal in mass-produced commercial drugs. In contrast, compounding pharmacies traditionally specialize in custom-made medicines that are not available.

2) Who Compounds the Medication?

Licensed pharmacists do the compounding process. It requires specialized knowledge gained through formal training for this kind of work. According to the United States FDA – also referred to as the Food and Drug Administration, medical physicians and licensed pharmacists must supervise, oversee, or personally conduct the practices that come under compounding medication. These cannot be done without medical training and extensive knowledge of the human anatomy and the medical conditions or diseases. What’s more, compounding pharmacists, due to their knowledge, can also help you with any queries or confusion you might have regarding your prescription medication. Since they are medically trained, they can also provide accurate information regarding side effects and other health-related matters.

3) How Safe Is Compounding?

Most compounding pharmacies are safe and should be able to take your safety concerns seriously. However, you must not hesitate to look for the ones run by licensed pharmacists or a physician involved in compounding medication for their customers. Additionally, if you have specific concerns, you must take them up with the pharmacy. They can help you with providing relevant information and assure you of their safety protocols and practices.

4) Do You Need a Prescription for Compounded Medications?

The protocol for compounding pharmacies is the same as your regular ones. Meaning prescriptions requiring a compounding process also need to be ordered from a licensed medical practitioner, such as your GP, medical nurse, etc. It’s essential to keep in mind that pharmacists who know compounding practices such as altering and mixing components of medicines cannot complete your prescription order until they hold a valid medical license.


Compounding pharmacies are there to provide customized services with regard to suit your medical needs. The fact that you can easily access tailor-made solutions for your medication makes compounding pharmacy relevant. Keeping the above in mind while deciding on a compounding pharmacy will be helpful and also give you confidence regarding your choice.

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