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While many people rely on a doctor’s prescription to get the meds they need, sometimes it pays to be a little careful with the meds you get. This is especially true when working with different medications at once. Keep in mind that not being careful can lead to medication that does not work for you or cause you severe repercussions.

If you want to maximize your medicine to use it safely and effectively, here are three tips you should consider.

1) Ask the Important Questions

Whether you are getting the medicine from the hospital or pharmacy, you will always need to ask the right questions regarding your pills. For instance, you should ask questions about how long and how often you should consume a pill, the side effects of consuming it, and how it reacts to other meds. If you can, list down all the questions you may want to ask and bring it along with you when you get your meds. That way, you get the info you need to ensure that you are getting the right medications and using them correctly for the full effect.

2) Get Medicine from the Hospital or Pharmacy

If you plan to get your meds from the hospital, it pays to list down all the medication you need on a piece of paper. If you still have the original pill bottles, bringing them along will help you quickly get what you need to replace them. Once you find a doctor, you can ask them various questions we have stated earlier so that you know what to expect when using the medication.

Do note that when in a hospital, you will have a hospital identification bracelet. Make sure that those who give you the medicine thoroughly check the identification first. This is because they may mistakenly give the wrong meds to you instead. While the possibility of this happening is relatively minimal, there is a small risk it can still occur.

On the other hand, if you get your medication at a pharmacy, you must also remember to ask the questions and bring along the list. They will check the list and advise you on the information you need to know to take them. However, if you are buying over-the-counter medication (medicine without a prescription), you should still ask the pharmacist more about the pills you will take.

3) Follow the Instructions at Home

Once you are at home with the meds, remember to follow the doctor’s instructions. Misusing them can cause the med to be completely ineffective or lead to severe problems. If you are often forgetful, you can consider using a sticky note with the bottles’ instructions. That way, you can quickly read the instructions before taking the meds. Also, be sure to store them properly to keep them in their best state possible.


While a doctor intends to help you improve your health and enjoy your life, mistakes can happen unexpectedly. As such, it is always a good idea to be careful with the medicine you get, checking and double-checking it with the doctors or pharmacists who gave it to you. With all of this in mind, if you face problems with the medication you are taking, such as bad reactions, stop using them and consult with your doctor immediately. They will quickly identify the problem and give you alternatives to improve your health without the risk of adverse effects.

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