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Compounding pharmacy for pain management is a necessary part of the medical industry because it helps treat patients with specific chronic illnesses and cases. Despite their array of benefits, some people still tend to have misconceptions about them and how they work.

Whether people need their medication customized by decreasing or strengthening their dosage, adding flavour, or modifying their form, they can rely on a compounding pharmacy to do all that. To help clear out the name of compounding pharmacists, keep reading below to find out a few facts about compounding pharmaceuticals and what they do that helps save lives.

Regular Pharmacists Can Manage Compounding Drugs

Regular pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals are capable of compounding medicine in their own ways. After all, when a specialist combines two drugs or medical creams, they’re already considered compounding!

In fact, compounding has been around since the early years, with most prescriptions being mixed to suit the patients’ needs and prevent unwanted reactions to a certain medication. That’s why the medical industry sought to require additional training for pharmacists who want to focus on compounding to ensure individuals receive prescriptions tailored to their conditions.

Whether pharmacists like it or not, compounding has always been part of their duties, so long as what they do adheres to the law and the purpose is to heal people and not harm them. But that fact doesn’t stop other members of the pharmacy organization to isolate compounders into thinking that what they’re doing is unacceptable—when they’re actually also performing compounding themselves!

Compounding Medications Have Prescriptions

Some people might view other compounding pharmacists as people who try to get past the law without intentionally breaking it, similar to how vendors sell cigarettes despite the harmful effects of nicotine. Regarding compounding pharmacists, they aren’t authorized to provide medications without the necessary prescription.

Regardless of where the myth about compounding pharmacists trying to get around the law comes from, it’s impossible for them to give out drugs freely without an order from a doctor. But instead of grabbing a bottle of medicine off the shelf, compound pharmacists need to make the medicine from scratch before they can fill in a patient’s prescription accordingly.

Compounding Pharmacies Follow Legal Policies

No matter how strict the rules of compounding pharmacy tend to be when it comes to combining medicines, some people still think they aren’t regulated and have their own rules to follow. Compounding pharmacies are actually obliged to meet specific standards, allowing them to proceed with putting drugs together and accommodating patients’ prescriptions.

The board of pharmacies heavily inspects them to ensure no lives are put at risk, thus allowing all patients to lead healthy lives. That’s why they also have to stick to the rules of the US Pharmacopeia (USP) before proceeding with compounding!

When it comes to sterile compounding, compounding pharmacists are more likely to know the policies than hospital pharmacists and regular pharmacists who also combine medicine as needed. That’s why compounding pharmacies know enough to stick to meeting the standards given by state and federal laws to ensure there will be no issues in the future.


Despite some misinterpretations surrounding compounding pharmacy, plenty of patients and medical experts continue to support it due to the legal benefits it brings to those in need. By making oneself more knowledgeable on the topic, the compounding pharmaceutical industry as a whole can be more accepted in today’s society—which is a definite benefit due to its exceeding benefits.

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