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Rite Choice Pharmacy

Travel Clinic

By partnering with community pharmacies, Rite Choice is able to provide both medical advice and administer the necessary medication to travellers in one quick stop.

Convenient & Affordable

Rite Choice is all about affordability, accessibility, and adding to the safety of your travels. We strive to provide the best in pre-travel advice to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable journey.

The current strength of the pharmacist-patient relationship, combined with the expanded scope of pharmacy practice to administer injections and medication is ideal for all your travel health needs.

Trusted & Accredited

As one of the most trusted health care providers, your pharmacist can help you with all of your travel needs. Our pharmacy locations are designated and accredited yellow fever vaccination sites.

We are fully equipped to order and administer a large selection of travel vaccinations. Our travel health consulting pharmacists are certified through the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM).

Customized & Detailed

While travel can bring many novel experiences, it can also be a risk of contacting illness and disease. Most will take the time to construct an elaborate travel itinerary, but few take the time to seek pre-travel health advice.

TravelRx will carefully go over your entire travel itinerary in detail to create a customized plan for your travel medication.

Did you know?

Your Pharmacist can dispense and administer many travel vaccines without a prescription. Talk to your Pharmacist about your travel itinerary today!

Your Pharmacist can work with your doctor to recommend prescriptions that are essential to your travel health needs.

How It Works

In 3 simple steps, you’ll be prepared for a unworried travel with the proper medication and advice from a specialized pharmacist.

1. Contact

Contact us to book an appointment and receive a travel consultation at one of our participating pharmacies.

2. Consult

Receive your vaccinations and travel health advice at the pharmacy.

3. Receive

Receive your proof of immunization, and the pharmacist will fax your doctor a record of the consult and any medication recommendations*.