Skin disorders often come with their fair share of stigma and shame. Time had indeed changed for the best, compared to when any deformity or aberration was considered a mark of abnormality. However, the scope of misinformation still is a viable threat to a greater understanding of people who live with various health conditions. One such condition is vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a skin disorder that impacts the pigments of the skin, resulting in depigmentation, which causes it to lose its natural colour. The white patches can be irregular patterns, including small patches or joints, impacting a more extensive body area. Common areas that might be affected due to this skin disorder include the eyes, mouth, lips, rectum, hair, skin, genitals and inner ear. The attack on melanocytes by the body is what ultimately causes vitiligo. While it’s difficult to predict the spread as it varies from person to person. Busting myths related to vitiligo is not only easy but imperative.

Read on to know more.

1. One of the myths surrounding this skin condition is that people with vitiligo are mentally or physically inferior to the rest. This is absolutely incorrect. Certain myths like this one can have a damaging impact on people living with this condition. In reality, this skin disorder does not impact a person’s intelligence, body parts or organs. Lack of understanding and knowledge gives way to such prejudice that one might assume that those living with this autoimmune disorder are in some way dysfunctional. And nothing could be further from the truth. This skin disorder does not make the person living with less than the rest of society. Compassion backed with the correct information can go a long way in helping people with vitiligo live a whole life.

2. Another common myth surrounding vitiligo is that it is caused by consuming certain food groups. Not true! There is a belief that vitiligo is caused by consuming too much sour food. For instance, oranges and lemons have been known to be blamed for the spread of this skin disorder. At the same time, others have taken the view that consuming milk or other white products can cause vitiligo. Many different cultures have given rise to this misinformation. In reality, vitiligo is an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks its healthy tissues, treating them as a foreign agent it needs to fight. The cause of vitiligo still has not been identified other than it is an autoimmune condition. And it does not correlate with any food in any combination. So, consuming milk, fish, oranges, or other food will not cause vitiligo.

3. Skin diseases like albinism, leprosy and skin cancer are related to vitiligo. This is another of the most damaging myths circulating concerning vitiligo. The above-mentioned skin disorders have no relation to vitiligo, and their causes are unique to their specific condition. While leprosy is infectious, vitiligo does not spread from person to person. In albinism, a person is born with very little to no melanin, whereas in vitiligo, the melanocytes are destroyed and very rarely does it spread through the body. Finally, skin cancer happens due to specific DNA mutations resulting in abnormal and uncontrolled cell growth. Vitiligo has no such impact on the body. Hence, vitiligo is an entirely different skin disorder, and mistaking it for something else can also impact treatment.


Early diagnosis and treatment are advisable and helpful for any medical condition. Consulting a skin specialist will help you pick out the right treatment plan that is best suited for you. It’s beneficial to remember that medical management has come a long way with multiple options when treating and managing vitiligo. No matter what your skin specialist puts you on. Compounding pharmacies can help you by offering you a range of ways to use those medications, depending on your preference. Compounding medication is a boon for patients with specific needs, as mass-produced drugs do not cater to their medical needs. With a compounding pharmacy, you can rest assured that your medical requirements will be met efficiently and adequately.

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