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For the medication to be effective, it should be administered in the right way and dosage. However, for some varied reasons, nonadherence may happen, leading to some grave consequences. Nonadherence is dangerous for many types of diseases and illnesses, and this includes diabetes.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is described as a condition that happens when the body loses the ability to produce or utilize insulin. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas to control the blood’s amount of glucose or sugar. If the body lacks insulin, sugar will build up in the bloodstream.

There are general types of diabetes, known as Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes.

In addition, prediabetes happens when your blood sugar level appears to be higher than normal, yet not enough for the doctor to diagnose diabetes. Patients with type 2 diabetes almost always had prediabetes first. But it doesn’t usually cause symptoms.

In a recent 2019 stats released by Diabetes Canada, there is someone diagnosed with diabetes every three minutes. At present, there are 11 million living with prediabetes or diabetes. If not given proper medication, it can result in severe consequences such as kidney failure, blindness, amputation, stroke, and heart attack. For people with prediabetes and diabetes, preventing these consequences can be done by controlling sugar levels every day.

What Are the Reasons Behind Medication Nonadherence in Diabetes?

Medical experts agree that consistent taking of the right medication is vital to diabetes patients. However, it is estimated that 70% of Canadian patients are not taking their medications according to their doctors’ prescriptions and directions.

There are significant factors that can impact nonadherence, such as forgetfulness, behavioural issues, procrastination, and confusing dosing schedules. Some techniques to remedy this nonadherence include using timers, reminders, pillboxes, and pharmacist consultation.

It is essential to know that sticking to a regular medication can help prevent serious health effects. Most individuals who are diagnosed with diabetes may need to have multiple medications with different ranges of doses. Thus, establishing a routine and following a regimen with a pharmacist is crucial.

The following may happen when diabetic patients do not take their scheduled medications:

  • High blood glucose – Also called hyperglycemia, this condition occurs when the body lacks insulin or can’t use insulin efficiently. This may have a big effect on the many complications of diabetes.
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis – This condition is considered life-threatening because the body burns fat instead of glucose to convert to energy. The liver converts the fat into fuel, known as ‘ketones,’ causing the blood to become acidic.

How to Avoid Medication Nonadherence

– Take Medications as Prescribed

Taking medication regularly, along with the right dosage and blood glucose testing, can help blood sugar to be stable and avoid the need for additional medicines to control diabetes.

Failure to pick up prescriptions, having a few days missed therapy, or taking the medications at the wrong time can cause long-term complications to the body organs.

– Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Diabetic patients should follow a healthy diet and do exercises to keep the body in good condition. Also, it is crucial to adhere to their diabetic medication to ensure that patients will have a longer and more active life.

– Find Diabetes Support and Education Programs

Several diabetes support and education programs are available, offering counselling sessions and strategies using online platforms. They can join Facebook groups about diabetes and other organizations helping people suffering from diabetes and its complications.


While medication adherence can be a challenge for some diabetic patients, taking the right dose of medication at the prescribed time is a must. To avoid possible consequences due to medical nonadherence, it is vital to do some techniques on how you will not forget to take medications. If you can’t pick up the prescription, you can look for a pharmacy that delivers the prescription to your home.

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