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Pain is a complex sense that should be taken seriously. Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong, but inflammation also causes pain that can be difficult to diagnose due to confusion. The most common form of inflammatory causes includes juries, sprains and strains. It is not easy when you are affected by pain daily, as it can be both debilitating and emotionally draining. Did you know that chronic pain is a disease that affects the lives of over 8.3 million Canadians? Musculoskeletal conditions are the main reason for pain. Understanding which type of pain you have will help in improving your treatment plan.

Inflammatory pain is technically not a disease but a group of symptoms usually caused by an underlying condition. As the name suggests, inflammatory pain is caused by inflammation.

So, what causes inflammation in the body? Well! The cause of inflammation is typically the result of the immune system responding to injury, infection or an autoimmune disease (a condition where the body’s immune system attacks its own cells). Localized inflammation can also occur due to trauma, environmental toxins and certain medications. Chronic inflammatory pain occurs when the inflammatory response does not resolve after an injury or infection heals.

Common symptoms associated with chronic inflammatory pain include redness, swelling and aching in the joints of the hands, fingers, knees, elbows and shoulders. Fatigue, loss of appetite, general discomfort and difficulty sleeping are also common. What’s more, inflammatory pain generally doesn’t go away without treatment.

The treatment of inflammatory pain involves identifying and treating the underlying cause, maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise, quitting smoking, minimizing stress, and using heat or cold compresses to relieve joint pain locally, as needed. Lifestyle changes and early medical intervention can help you control the pain and manage inflammation successfully. A pharmacist can help you with treatment options regarding your chronic pain issues. They will listen to your symptoms and recommend the best regimen for you.


When searching for a solution to pain, the first and most common point of contact is an over-the-counter medication. This often results in people believing they are doing everything they can to manage pain and prevent further injury. However, these medications are created with an end goal–temporarily masking pain to ensure peace of mind and mobility through simple tasks such as picking up objects or completing chores around the house. While it might look like the quick fix you were after, living with chronic inflammation or persistent pain requires a longer-term plan of attack. 

By seeking the help of a compounding pharmacy, you can get customized treatments that tackle inflammation head-on, helping prevent long-term damage. This could include personalized lotions and gels that target swelling and joint pain or even injections that attack pain at its source. 

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