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Anyone in Canada will agree that pain is never pleasant. Pain affects millions of Canadians, making it one of the main concerns in the country’s healthcare system. Aside from providing the necessary treatment, support, and care, healthcare professionals are also responsible for offering adequate pain relief to patients who need it.

However, sometimes, the medications aren’t enough to alleviate the pain. Some people suffer from more intense and unbearable afflictions that are challenging to manage, making pain a multidimensional issue primarily because of the prescription of opioids for pain management.

Acute pain, chronic pain, and pain related to terminal illness, in particular, are some types of pains that require extensive treatment. Patients who suffer from them have a higher risk of developing an opioid addiction.

On Pain Management and the Opioid Addiction Epidemic

It goes without saying that healthcare professionals are ethically and legally obligated to offer adequate pain relief, but this becomes a problem because many treatments involve opioids.

Since this narcotic contains chemicals that relax the body and relieve pain, it’s become one of the most common substances served to patients suffering from intense pain. However, the opioid addiction epidemic in the United States has shown how dangerous the narcotic can be, even with its pain relief benefits.

To ease the opioid crisis, Choosing Wisely Canada launched the Opioid Wisely campaign to reduce the harms associated with prescribing the narcotic. As part of the solution to help with the opioid problem, healthcare professionals have turned to prescribing compounded pain medication to solve the opioid problem.

Pain Management Compounding: An Answer to the Opioid Crisis?

The opioid epidemic has brought devastating consequences for many individuals, families, and communities. Still, it has proven effective in relieving pain, making this a complex social and health issue.

There is no one proven alternative to prescribing opioids just yet, although healthcare professionals have come up with an excellent option to avoid the side effects of opioids. By compounding pain medication, the need for opioids may eventually decrease dramatically.

Pain management compounding involves preparing customized medications for patients. Compounding creams and gels usually contain prescription or various anesthetic, sedative, antidepressant, or muscle relaxant drugs to relieve pain.

For people who live with pain every day, pharmacy compounding has helped them live better lives with fewer side effects and less medication.

The Benefits of Compounding for Pain Management

Pain management compounding certainly shows promise as an alternative to opioid pain medications! There are now multiple compounding pharmacies offering custom compounded pain medications to avoid unwanted opioid side effects.

The benefits of transdermal pain medications include:

  • Alternate methods of delivery
  • Combining formulations into one topical gel
  • Possibility of applicating medication directly at the site of pain
  • Customized prescription according to symptoms and pain tolerance
  • Easy adjustment necessary to meet patient needs
  • Less risk of abuse and addiction risk


Pain is debilitating and can severely impact someone’s life. But, thanks to pain management compounding, anyone can effectively manage their pain and enjoy their life without worrying about damaging side effects. As long as you reach out to a reputable compounding pharmacy near you, your pain will no longer have a hold on your life!

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