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Life is all about change. We go from one phase of life to the next—we move from one neighborhood to another, making new friends, starting new jobs, and jogging new routes. Some types of change are major and impact almost every aspect of your life, such as moving to a new continent. Some types of change are a lot smaller and seemingly trivial, but may have more of an impact than you’d realize. One example of this is a change in pharmacies.

Whether you’ve recently moved to a new neighborhood or in search of a pharmacy that stocks everything you need, finding a new pharmacy to frequent can be somewhat tricky. Fortunately for you, we’ve got some key tips on what you should look for when choosing a new pharmacy in Edmonton:

1) Convenience

Of course, the number one factor to consider when choosing a new pharmacy is convenience in both terms of location and hours of operation. Being able to obtain the medicine and supplements you need is crucial. Choose a pharmacy that is within easy reach. Oftentimes, this means near to your home or workplace. Make sure their hours of operation line up with the times you usually run errands.

2) Customer Service

Customer service is another crucial factor. This makes sense, since interpersonal communication is especially important when it comes to the acquisition of products to support your health. You may have to discuss personal details when picking up prescriptions and choosing the best course of treatment, so make sure the pharmacist at the place of your choice is professional, service-oriented, and easy to talk to.

3) Dispensing Speed

Of course, the time that it takes for the prescription to be processed and for the medicine to be dispensed matters. You wouldn’t want to wait a month for a prescription that is running out in a week.

4) Accuracy

While it may seem surprising that whether or not the prescription is given exactly the way it was ordered came in last with surveys, it’s more likely that it only matters to people who have had issues in the first place. Everyone else, by default, trusts that they will get the right amount of medicine in a timely manner.

Is That All There Is to Choosing a Pharmacy?

Convenience, customer service, dispensing speed, and accuracy are all crucial factors to consider when selecting a new pharmacy. Of course, a pharmacy within convenient reach means you have much better access to their pharmacist. That is incredibly crucial so that the medicinal needs can be best met. Access hardly has any impact, however, when the bigger picture is efficient disease management and good health overall.

Customers, essentially patients, are now much more aware of the expansion that the pharmaceutical practice is experiencing. Registered pharmacy technicians are now largely the ones tasked with ensuring that medication is dispensed accurately. Pharmacists, in turn, are more focused on making sure that the prescribed medication of the doctor is actually the right treatment for the patient.

The four factors above will help you separate the good pharmacies from the bad. The two below, however, will allow you to distinguish between the ones that will get the job done and the ones that will support your best interests:

5) Holistic Outlook

Whether the pharmacist that’s practicing is old-school or on the cutting edge, they should be able to provide accurate information on prescription and over-the-counter medications. There’s a lot to unpack: how to administer it correctly, when it should be used, side effects, and more. Exemplary pharmacists will take into consideration every aspect of your life and determine how you can best treat and prevent disease while living life to the fullest.

6) Recommendations and Referrals

Modern day pharmacists are well aware of available resources in the community they share with their patients. In this way, they can refer their patients as needed, based on what the situation calls for. Instead of just telling the person that something is not part of their scope as a professional, they go the extra mile.


Finding the right pharmacy to switch to can be challenging, especially if you’d fallen into a comfortable routine and trusting relationship at your old one. In the end, it boils down to four core criteria—and the two that really separate the cream from the crop. Take the time to do a little research to find the right one for you and your needs.

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