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Sinus infection is a common condition that affects up to 3.5 million adults in Canada every year. Most of these cases are acute sinusitis, but some progress into chronic sinusitis that lasts for a couple of months. But what exactly is a sinus infection, and what’s the best way to treat it? Let’s find out.

What Exactly is Sinus Infection?

There are small air pockets behind your forehead, nose, cheekbones, and between the eyes, called the sinuses. These air pockets produce mucus that is responsible for trapping the germs and bacteria from entering your body. 

Some bacteria, germs, or allergens can cause inflammation in the sinus pockets and the nasal passages, leading to sinus infection. The inflammation further leads to an accelerated buildup of mucus that blocks the sinus and nasal passages. This is why many think that the sinus is the more severe cousin of cold. The same can cause a buildup of bacteria and germ growth that may lead to a viral infection.

Other symptoms of the sinus infection include decreased sense of smell, viral fever, stuffy nose, headaches, cough, and even fatigue. The severity of these symptoms depends on the severity of the sinus infection. Most acute sinus infections only show themselves in the form of a stuffy nose and slight fever.

Most sinus infections, like acute sinusitis, go away on their own after a week or two. But the more severe kind of sinus infections like chronic sinusitis persists for months. If you have a sinus infection that doesn’t seem to go away on its own, you should consider a compounded sinus therapy to treat it.

What is Compounded Sinus Therapy?

The treatment of the sinus infection is called sinus therapy, and there are a few types of remedies available in the market. The first is self-care, where home remedies are used to treat the conditions. Most of the time, self-care treatments only relieve the symptoms without curing the condition.

The next is an over-the-counter medication, where drugs like decongestants, penicillin, antibiotics, steroids, or antihistamines, etc. are used to treat the infection. These drugs are made for millions of people, so they may not be best suited for your body and cause side effects.

Then there is surgery, where an incision is made to flush out the fluids from the sinus pocket and remove the congestion. This is an effective treatment but can be expensive, time-consuming, and not suitable for all.

This is where compounded sinus therapy comes in. It is similar to OTC medications in the sense that the treatment uses medicines and drugs to treat your condition, but it offers many other benefits that other treatments do not, like.

Customized Medicines for Your Body

Over-the-counter medicines are designed to treat millions of people, so, the formula may not be the best for you. It can either be the wrong dosage, or it can lead to other side effects. If you are allergic to an ingredient used in the OTC medication, it can lead to further problems. In fact, many over-the-counter medicines for sinus infection cause further dryness which can be quite uncomfortable.

Here, compound therapy comes in handy as it is designed just for you. The compound pharmacist studies your health and medical history, age, preferences, and severity, to develop the treatment plan and medicines. The compound medicines created by a compound pharmacist are suited to your body, reducing the chances of side effects and allergies, and they use the right amount of dosage to make the medicine effectively potent. 

These compound medicines for compounded sinus therapy incorporate the right amount of antihistamines, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-fungal ingredients, etc. to provide soothing relief to your sinus instead of harsh dryness.

Long-Term Relief

Most over-the-counter medications are not specifically designed for your body and your condition’s severity. As a result, they often don’t cure sinus infection effectively and only relieve the symptoms. This is the same with home remedies. 

On the other hand, compounded sinus therapy’s medicines are far more effective and potent. They provide long term relief by targeting the source of the infection straight away instead of targeting just the symptoms. These medications also efficiently rinse and coat your nasal passages painlessly to ensure that the condition does not return after the treatment when your sinuses are still vulnerable.

Choice of Medications

People have preferences, and you may do so too. Maybe you find it difficult to swallow medications, or you find it irritating to apply topical solutions or use nasal sprays that so in your nose. For whatever reason, if you don’t like a particular type of medication, compounded medicines can help you.

The compound pharmacist can design the treatment plan and medicine to suit your preferences. They can create tablets, gels, nasal saline solutions, nasal sprays, topical creams, etc. that you want, without compromising the potency of the medication.


Medicines are expensive, no one can deny that, and surgery can be even more costly. In such a case, compound medicines can save you a ton of money if you have severe sinus problems that require long-term treatment plans. They are made in-house by compound pharmacies, using the right ingredients, and this makes them quite a cost-effective treatment for your sinus condition. 

Don’t worry, despite being made in house, they use the pre-approved ingredients that do not compromise your safety. Compound pharmacy medications can be more effective and safer than OTC medications.

When’s It Needed?

You should consider starting a compounded sinus therapy if your sinus infection doesn’t resolve on its own, or if you find over-the-counter medications ineffective at treating your sinus infection. It is also a great choice if you suffer from recurring sinus problems. As mentioned above, OTC medications and home remedies only treat the symptoms and not the cause, but compounded sinus therapy targets the cause of the condition, reducing the chances of it coming back.

Besides bacteria and germs, some other conditions can also cause sinus infections, like recurrent nasal polyps, fungal infection, the buildup of biofilm, or allergies. If that is the case, compounded sinus treatment can help you deal with both the conditions at the same time more effectively, using the right compound medicines.

Sinus infections can be annoying, but in severe cases, it can cause terrible headaches and disrupt your entire week. You must find the best treatment plan for your sinus infection that is suited for your body, without any risks of allergic reactions or side effects. And compounded sinus therapy is just that.

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